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The Love: Coming Soon

Valentine day gifts


Introducing 4 amazing scents that tell a story. 

1. Coffee Shop: Not your usual "coffee" flavor. This is more of a nostalgic scent driven by that first date at a coffee shop. It is one of those warm, refreshing, soothing visit to your local coffee. You wont be disappointed by it.

2. Garden: Your second date could be at a garden with beautiful flowers surrounding you. A sultry floral scent that would remind you of that evening when you heard that "yes" 

3. First Rain: Who doesn't like the smell of that first rain or the wet grass? This is a fresh, wet plus delightfully green scent with a sweet mix of florals for a touch of sweetness.  

4. Boudoir: Boudoir in French means bedroom. This is a perfect scent you that you can use in your bedroom. This is a perfect romantic scent that will make your heart pound harder that it should! 


All the scents are coming up in the week of January 24th, 2022. You can bundle this up and get 20% discount. 


The Quarry 


Stay tuned or contact us for more details.