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About Us


My husband, Ishan and I moved to North Carolina in 2019 from Ohio and after being here for less than a month, we decided we wanted to call North Carolina our home. We fell in love with the place almost as instantly as I fell in love with candles.

I used to buy candles from almost everywhere I would go. I would be excited to light the candle but there were times I realized the amount of soot that is produced. I almost certainly wasn’t thrilled by the fact that it sooted that much and thought all candles did that. So I decided I need to make a cleaner candle which didn’t soot but at the same time not compromise on the aroma either. Thus began my candle making journey.

I started making candles in 2017 right before we got married and we gave out tiny little candles as wedding favors. This was a game changer and I got numerous compliments for those. After lots of testing with different waxes and wicks and oils, I found a formula that is clean burning, non-toxic and very aromatic. Being a small scale business, we popped up into the market in 2019 vending at farmers and artisans markets and have got nothing but amazing reviews for all our products.

All our candles and wax melts are hand-poured in small batches. We use one of the most upscale quality of waxes, wicks and oils, making them paraben and phthalate-free. The coconut waxes have been known to throw around an excellent aroma while soy gives the clean, non-soot burning. Making non-toxic, non-sooting candles has been a long awaited dream of mine which has come true on a great scale.

I wish nothing but to bring to our guests the highest quality candle they can think of which would be a perfect companion to their lazy Sundays, romantic dates or coming home from an exhausting day of work.